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While in Marquette, we discovered "pasties" (pronounced pass-tees) a fare unique to the Upper Peninsula. A traditional pasty consisted of beef, potato, onion, turnip and always a rutabaga wrapped in a crust and baked until golden brown. Today UP pasty shops offer many varieties of this meat pie and while there we enjoyed sampling this delicious treat.

This "hearty and hot, hand-held meal in one." is attributed to the Cornish Miners who immigrated to the area in the early 1850's to work in the copper and iron mines. Due to the fact that the miners had limited time for lunch, this meal was ideal for them. Some miners tucked the pasties in their shirts to keep them warm while others heated them on a mining shovel held over head lamp candles.

For those of us who do not reside in the UP, Dobber's Pasties offers pasties by mail. Pasty Central also offers pasty selections by mail; in addition, links are provided to other businesses, attractions, and informational sites in the area.

If you'd like to try your hand at creating these treats in your kitchen, there are many sites that offer recipes; in particular has a recipe that looks easy as well as delicious. For those unfamiliar with this delicious treat, it is pronounced "pass-tee". The traditional pasty had beef, potatoes, onion, rutabaga, and turnip, baked inside a golden crust. The Cornish miners, known as "Cousin Jacks" and their wives as "Cousin Jennys", are properly given the credit for bringing the pasty to the Upper Peninsula in the early 1850's when both the copper and iron mines were first being opened.

The version that arrived here in the 1850's was a hearty and hot, hand-held "no dish" meal for miners who had no time to come above ground for lunch. Some miners reheated their pasties underground; others kept them at least body warm in a chest pocket. Others set their pasties on a mining shovel and held them over head-lamp candles until warmed. St. Anthony's Cornish Pasties -this site has a good recipe Cornish pasties are a traditional meat pie dish made popular in Michigan by copper miners. The Internet Branch of the Canton Public Library, Canton Michigan offers a wealth of information about pasties. Pasties Pasties


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